Aiveco MINI Massage Gun

Aiveco New design MINI massage gun. The pocket-sized tool can give your muscle unparalleled treatment. Portable and powerful, Aiveco MINI massage gun design for maximum ergonomic comfort and portable function, easy to carry, you can relieve and relax anywhere anytime.

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8kg / 18lb

Life Time

80 Min



Charge time

60~80 Min


1500, 2000, 2500

Net Weight (kg)


Product Size (mm)

169 * 82 * 96



Product Details

  1. Only 0.53kg weight and exquisite design, you can carry it and use it anytime anywhere.
  2. Quiet brushless motor, under 45dB.
  3. 80 Min battery life. Aiveco Mini massage gun reaches the standard for portability, when you need it, it always is on your side.
  4. Easy to grasp in one hand. It integrates a powerful massage function and is easy to carry at the same time so that you can easily grasp it with one hand.
  5. Unique structure patented design 18lb strong thrust with 8mm deep amplitude.
  6. 3 speeds, according to different needs, increase your exercise intensity and improve muscle treatment.
  7. Easy to clean, professional massage head is used loved-cell polyurethane foam, making the accessories hygienic.
  8. Optional accessories, different massage heads can be changed for different needs.


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massage gun tuv certification
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MINI massage gun
MINI massage gun
MINI massage gun


When you relax the fascia with the roller, you may have a slight opain. if the muscle stimulation is too large, you can choose a lower intensity movement or find a professional coach to teach you the correct movement.

Make sure the roller is und the soft tissue area and not directly under the bone or joint.

After fascia relaxation with roller, it is recommended to replenish more water, just like after body massage.

Muscle relaxation is not a medical treatment. If the body has muscle pain, consult a dotcot or therapist for examination and treatment.

Before using a roller for fascia relaxation, ask your doctor or therapist if it is appropriate for use.

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