Are Vibrating Foam Rollers More Effective?

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Foam rollers are a great fitness tool, and they can help with your lower back as well as other great workout routines. But you have to wonder, are Vibrating Foam Rollers better? Will you receive a much better quality and value if you go with one of these products? As you can imagine, a product that adds extra features does improve the experience quite a bit, and a vibrating foam roller can definitely offer some incredible benefits. With that in mind, here are some ideas you need to take into consideration.

What is a Vibrating Foam Roller?

As the name suggests, this is a foam roller that was upgraded to fit a motor. What this does is it vibrates while you use it, which helps improve the experience. According to research, this makes the recovery process a lot better and faster as well. The reason behind that is it helps lower the amount of pain you encounter during a workout. On top of that, it boosts your flexibility, while making your circulation better. So it does make sense to upgrade to a Vibrating Foam Roller, just because it’s more efficient and it conveys an incredible value for money. That alone makes it for a very powerful and downright impressive upgrade.

Studies state that a Vibrating Foam Roller is 2 times more efficient when compared to a regular foam roller. Thanks to the vibration, they help boost the range of motion of whomever is using this type of product. Even the flexibility is up to 40% better, which is always helpful. Having these advantages does help quite a bit, and you will see the benefits in the long term, which is always important.

Establishing a Vibrating Foam Roller routine

Once you buy a Vibrating Foam Roller, your primary focus is to find a way to add it to your fitness routine. As we mentioned earlier, the main focus when it comes to using this product is to help you recover faster. So it will boost the flexibility, bloodflow, and enhance your range of motion. It can certainly help with that, and the benefit is that it automatically improves your workout results.

With that being said, you do want to make your workout more dynamic. In doing that, you are adding in a better way to integrate this exercising approach, and the payoff itself can be second to none. You can use the Vibrating Foam Roller after a more comprehensive and demanding workout.

That will make the recovery a lot better and quicker. You can use it on the right groin or quad, calves and hamstrings, and you can even use the IT band in order to obtain great results. Adaptability is key here, so optimizing your routine can actually help make a huge difference, especially if you are managing this correctly.

Who should use the Vibrating Foam Roller?

The great thing about Vibrating Foam Rollers is that they are suitable for everyone. It can be geared towards people that perform a lot of physical activity, such as athletes. But if you work out in general, you will find that this delivers the benefits and quality you want, while pushing the boundaries in a great and empowering manner. The vibration further adds to the experience and it makes eliminating pain and boosting your workout routine a very good thing every time. Which is why it can be well worth testing it out for yourself and using it properly.

That being said, you can’t expect the Vibrating Foam Roller to do everything. You still need to have a very good diet and ensure that you are always operating at a caloric deficit if you want to lose weight. The main focus for this product is to help you take better care of yourself with these workouts, and the benefits can indeed be second to none every time.

Body vibration is similar to an active warmup

Yes, according to researchers, the Vibrating Foam Roller can be seen as some type of active warmup, such as light jogging. It conveys similar benefits, but you are not moving at all, instead you leave the foam roller do all the work. The fact that it can help eliminate muscle soreness and just make things better is very efficient, and in the end the potential can be second to none.

Why should you upgrade to a Vibrating Foam Roller from a regular unit?

  • The main benefit that comes from a Vibrating Foam Roller is that it conveys a faster recovery time. it helps boost the oxygen and blood flow to the muscles, which is extremely helpful and efficient.
  • You have a much better and more comprehensive injury prevention system. It eliminates concerns, while delivering a great experience every time.
  • A Vibrating Foam Roller is very affordable, and it can help prevent having too many visits to the chiropractor.
  • You can even use this type of product during the pregnancy period, since it can help with the overall fatigue and soreness.
  • Being able to improve the way you move does help quite a bit, and it just makes the entire experience a whole lot better every time.
  • It’s suitable for all ages, so it doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 60, you can see the overall benefits and enjoy them in the long term.
  • As we mentioned earlier, the Vibrating Foam Roller helps make you more flexible in the long term.
  • In case you are dealing with constant back pain, the Vibrating Foam Roller can indeed convey the benefits and value you need.


It’s a very good idea to buy yourself a Vibrating Foam Roller, because not only is it very efficient, it conveys an incredible result and the quality is incredible too. It does take a bit of a trial and error to get used to this type of product, but it’s totally something to keep in mind. Not only does it push the limits and experience to the next level, but you will certainly appreciate the way it all comes together. Give it a try, browse our store and pick a good Vibrating Foam Roller for yourself, and you will see the difference in no time!


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