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MINI massage gun

MINI Massage Gun

Aiveco New design MINI massage gun. The pocket-sized tool can give your muscle unparalleled treatment. Portable and powerful, Aiveco MINI massage gun design for maximum ergonomic comfort and portable function, easy to carry, you can relieve and relax anywhere anytime.

Vibrating massage roller

Vibrating Foam Roller

Aiveco Vibrating Foam Roller can help you to keep the normal muscle tension relax your muscles after exercise. It can effectively reduce the pain caused by the accumulation of lactic acid after intense exercise. In addition, you can also relax your tense body in daily life.

Vibrating massage ball

Vibrating Massage Ball

Aiveco Vibrating Massage Ball can help you maintain the normal muscle tension and stretch, for round shoulder hunchback, lumbar muscle strain, hip collapse, flat foot, and other bad posture can be improved. In addition, you can use massage balls to press and relax after exercise, it can relieve muscle soreness.

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Application Of Our Products

massage ball
massage roller
Vibrating massage roller

Frequently Asked Questions

Fully charge battery for up to six hours before first use. Please be sure to attach the charger securely into the base of the gun. The power switch is on the bottom of the gun. Moving it to ON position to switch on the product, OFF to switch off the gun.

Make sure you have switched the ON/OFF to ON and then press the power button. If you have tried and it still not work, please contact our support team via

There are different massage modes and twenty speed settings. Here are the steps to change mode and adjust speed: 

Press on the LCD display panel at the rear of the gun on the left-hand side to INCREASE speed, Press on the right-hand side of the screen to DECREASE speed.

To charge, connect the DC end of the supplied 24V adapter to the battery’s charging port and plug AC side cable into wall outlet.The circular light indicator on the battery: 

The numbers on the right-hand side of the display indicate battery percentage remaining.

Only use the Healsage Massager supplied AC Adaptor.

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